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Welcome to Minkie Mary.

‘Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy’ is the perfect book for mums and dads wanting to help their little ones when it’s time for them to give their dummy away. Follow Minkie Mary on a delightful journey as she visits little boys and girls who no longer need their dummies. Find out how she magically turns a difficult time for children into one of excitement and reward!

Minkie Mary is no ordinary mouse. By day she may dance, sing and play, but at night she is a magical fairy who flies all over the world collecting dummies from children who no longer need them. She helps children (and adults) no longer rely on a dummy for comfort and security. Many children form a strong attachment to a dummy and getting them to give it up can be hard work. This book pack provides all the tools you need to support your child through this difficult time. The charming story of 'Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy' will delight young children and prepare them for giving up their own dummies. In return for being big and brave, Minkie Mary leaves behind a special toy mouse to be cuddled and loved in place of their adored dummies.

Minkie Mary is one of the great products created by Mini Milestones. Visit Mini Milestones to see our complete range